The City of Haven (Part II)

Horolc (Commerce District)

LN azer expert 5, fighter 18

Senses: Perception +12 [[11, +1 Wis]], darkvision 60 ft.

Skills: Appraise +12 [[11, +1 Wis]], Diplomacy +5 [[6, -1 Cha]], Intimidate +5 [[6, -1 Cha]], Intuition +7 [[6, +1 Wis]], Profession (armorsmithing) +27 [[26, +1 Int]], Profession (blacksmithing) +22 [[21, +1 Int]], Profession (weaponsmithing) +27 [[26, +1 Int]].

Appearance: Horolc is a bald, broad-shouldered azer, with bronze skin, and a long beard composed of white fire. His only clothing is a tunic of hammered mithral plates that cover his waist and upper thighs.

Initial Attitude: Indifferent. Horolc runs a small blacksmithing shop in the Commerce District, a description of which is provided below.

The walls of this small, semi-outdoor shop are lined with a wide assortment of mithral weapons and mithral suits of armor. Standing over a black anvil, a dwarflike creature with a beard of fire hammers a mithral strip into shape.

Horolc (as is evident from the many items he has for sale) prefers to work with mithral. PCs who request non-mithral items suffer a -10 penalty on their Diplomacy checks to influence Horolc’s attitude, while PCs who speak favorably of the wide range of mithral items he has for sale receive a +10 bonus. Unfriendly: If the PCs insult Horolc, either by asking for a non-mithral item or by some other slip-of-the-tongue, the azer charges them an additional 20% on all purchases. Helpful: Horolc is willing to sell any of his mithrine items for the price of a regular mithral item.

Background: Horolc is a retired adventurer, whose skills in mithralwork are virtually unmatched. In fact, Horolc is one of the few blacksmiths in the entire known multiverse who specializes in crafting mithrine items (see below).

Mithrine: Mithrine is a unique form of mithral that only the most gifted blacksmiths are able to work with. Crafting a mithrine item requires a Craft check (DC 30) of the appropriate type in addition to all other Craft checks necessary to create the item. Failure on this check results in the ruining of the item and all materials used in its construction.

Mithrine items are just like mithral items except for the following effects. Spell failure chances for armors and shields are decreased by 15%, maximum Dexterity bonus is increased by 3, and armor check penalties are lessened by 4 (to a minimum of 0). Weapons that are crafted from mithrine are so light and easy to wield that the penalty for using a mithrine weapon when fighting with two weapons is reduced by 2, and the range increment for thrown weapons is increased by 20 ft.

Mithrine items cost 300 gp more than a standard mithral item.

Garkane (Guild District)

LN mercane wizard 17, expert 5

Senses: Perception +17

Skills: Appraise +28 [[18, +6 Int, +4 racial]], Deception +21 [[18, +3 Cha]], Decipher Script +26 [[20, +6 Int]], Diplomacy +25 [[18, +3 Cha, +4 racial]], Intimidate +18 [[15, +3 Cha]], Intuition +22 [[18, +4 Wis]], Arcana +34 [[28, +6 Int]], Planar +34 [[28, +6 Int]].

Appearance: Garkane is a tall, long faced creature, with blue skin, and long, spindly fingers. He is dressed in the robes of a well-to-do merchant.

Initial Attitude: Indifferent. There is little one can do to alter Garkane’s initial starting attitude. He is a mercane, who is well versed in the art of deception, and diplomacy. If one threatens hostility, the mercane simply closes his window and summons the Haven Sentinel guard.

Background: Garkane is a moneylender from the Guild District. PCs may decide to call on the mercane for the purpose of purchasing expensive items. At that time, read or paraphrase the following.

Nearly every surface in this small, but opulent room is comprised of marble. At the far end, behind a barred, teller window, sitting in front of an impressive looking vault, is a large, blue-skinned individual with long, spindly fingers.

Garkane is willing to lend the PCs up to 150,000 gp at a monthly rate of 10%. The PCs are required to at least pay off the interest on the loan each month. Failure to pay can result in stiff fines of 100 gp per 1,000 gp left on the loan.

Torbolg (Magic District)

NE male tiefling rogue 7, wizard 5, arcane trickster 10

Senses: Perception +9, darkvision 60 ft.

Skills: Appraise +12, Deception +26, Craft (alchemy) +12, Diplomacy +15, Gather Information +21, Intuition +9, Intimidate +15, Arcana +12, Planar +12, Research +12, Thievery +18

Appearance: Except for his red eyes, grey skin, and sharp, pointed canines, Torbolg appears to be a human male, with jet black hair, and a pronounced widow’s peak.

Initial Attitude: Unfriendly. Torbolg has already been courted by one of Hadovas’s spies, and has been promised 1,000 gp in exchange for any information regarding a group of adventurers matching the PCs’ descriptions. Torbolg is certainly interested in the offer, and will most likely take it unless the PCs can convince him otherwise. Hostile: In addition to ratting out the PCs to Hadovas’s spies, Torbolg switches out one item that the PCs purchase with a cursed item of similar appearance. PCs are allowed opposed Spot checks against Torbolg’s Sleight of Hand to notice the switch. Indifferent: Torbolg warns the PCs that there is someone looking for them, and if the PCs are willing to pay him double what Hadovas’s spies are offering, he might be persuaded to look the other way. Helpful: Torbolg warns the PCs that there is someone looking for them.

Background: Torbolg runs a small shop in the Magic District, a description of which is provided below.

This shelves of this little shop are overflowing with any number of magical curiosities- including wands, books, scrolls, potions, spell components, robes, cloaks, and other items- leaving very little room for maneuvering.

In addition to running a legitimate business within the city of Haven, Torbolg is also in the business of selling black market magic items on the side. Before mentioning this, however, Torbolg tries to get a sense of the PCs, by engaging them in small talk; asking them about their business in town, whether or not they’re religious, what kinds of items they’re in the market for, etc. PCs who make an opposed Sense Motive check realize that Torbolg is trying to determine their alignment. What his reasons are for doing so remain unclear.

Depending on the kinds of answers that the PCs give to Torbolg’s inquiries, the tiefling might mention, nonchalantly, that if they are willing to wait a day or two, he might be able to give them a 25% discount on one or two of the magic items they are interested in purchasing. If the PCs seem interested, Torbolg tells them that he would need half the money up front as a good faith payment. If the PCs seem reluctant, Torbolg says to them, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to steal from you. I have a shop here full of stuff that’s worth more than what I’m asking you for, and it’s not like I could just pack it all up tonight and leave. Trust me. I’ll get you what you’re asking for.”

If the PCs still seem reluctant, Torbolg waves his hands dismissively and says, “Hey, I’m just trying to help you out. If you don’t want my help, that’s fine. I can sell it to you full price, if you want.” If the PCs still seem reluctant, but are interested in purchasing the item full price they will need to make an additional Diplomacy check at a -10 penalty to avoid changing Torbolg’s attitude to Hostile. His mood, at this point, cannot be improved above unfriendly.

Note: If the PCs decide to purchase some of the black market magic items that Torbolg has for sale, there is a 20% chance that they will arouse the suspicions of the Haven sentinels (see Encounters with the Law).

Jartana (Market District)

CG female djinni expert 7, sorcerer 13

Senses: Perception +13, darkvision 60 ft.

Skills: Appraise +21, Arcana +27, Deception +32, Diplomacy +15, Intimidate +11, Intuition +23, Planar +13, Profession (alchemist) +37.

Appearance: Jartana is a tall, beautiful woman, whose brightly colored clothes are lined with gold colored bangles that jingle softly as she moves.

Initial Attitude: Indifferent. Helpful: Jartana is willing to offer the PCs a 10% discount on any of her wares.

Background: Jartana is a merchant from the Market District, whose incenses and perfumes are said to be some of the most fragrant in all the planes. Though many have tried to identify her aromatic, secret ingredients, few have been able to successfully duplicate their potency.

As the PCs approach Jartana’s booth, read or paraphrase the following.

                This little outdoor shop, with its blocks of incense, and its many bottles of perfume, is completely surrounded in an aura of heavenly scents and fragrances.

Incense of Body Purity: These incenses come in a variety of scents and fragrances, each of which can affect up to 11 creatures for a period of 24 hours with one of the following spells: mass bear’s endurance, mass bull’s strength, mass cat’s grace, mass eagle’s splendor, mass owl’s wisdom.

It takes 1 hour to burn each block of incense, during which time, participants must sit quietly in a state of contemplative meditation. Any activity performed by a participant during this time breaks the effect of the incense for that individual.

Strong Transmutation; CL 12th; Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, mass bear’s endurance, mass bull’s strength, mass cat’s grace, mass eagle’s splendor, or mass owl’s wisdom; Price 3,600 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Formyte (Tavern District)

N male leshay (see pg. 202 of the Epic Level Handbook for statistics.)

Senses:  Perception +30, low-light vision

Skills: Deception +38, Diplomacy +35, Intimidate +20, Intuition +6, Local +31, Nature +31.

Appearance: Formyte looks like a tall, thin albino elf, with silvery hair and pale, white skin. His eyes, however, appear like deep pools of utter darkness, betraying a heritage far more ancient, and mysterious.

Initial Attitude: Indifferent. Formyte likes adventurers, and is particularly friendly to those whom he deems to be on a mission for a good cause. If the PCs happen to mention their mission to Formyte, they gain a +10 bonus to Diplomacy checks to influence his attitude. Formyte is sensitive about his heritage, however, and if the PCs happen to mention it, or ask about it, they receive a -10 penalty. Unfriendly: Formyte tells the PCs rather coldly that there are no rooms available at his inn, and recommends that they try one of the other taverns. If the PCs succeed at an opposed Sense Motive check, they realize this is false, and that Formyte simply wants them to leave.  Helpful: For each room of dream vision that the PCs are interested in taking, the innkeeper is willing to give them a second for half price.

Background: Formyte is one of the few surviving members of an enigmatic race known as the leshay. Though Formyte never speaks of it, legends say that the leshay are from an age whose very existence was eradicated from the space/time continuum. PCs who succeed at a Knowledge (nature) or Knowledge (history) check (DC 60) recall the legends of Formyte’s race. However, Formyte is rather touchy about the subject, and is unlikely to say anything corroborative on the subject.

Formyte’s inn, the Dreamkeeper’s Lodge, is a well respected establishment, with a reputation for clean rooms, good food, and a cheerful atmosphere. What makes the Dreamkeeper’s Lodge legendary, however, are its rooms of dream vision.

The cost of spending the night in a room of dream vision is 6,000 gp. Nevertheless, if the PCs succeed at a Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (the planes) check (DC 25), they recall rumors that Formyte has been known to give discounts to certain adventuring parties whose causes he deems worthy.

Room of Dream Vision: A room of dream vision is a magical location that is imbued with the divinatory power of dreams. Any creature who spends the night in a room of dream vision has their dreams filled with visions of the future, granting them a +1 insight bonus on all attack rolls, saves, and opposed ability or skill checks.

In addition, creatures who spend the night in a room of dream vision may choose to gain a +20 insight bonus on any single attack roll, saving throw, or opposed ability or skill check, as per the spell moment of prescience cast by a 20th level wizard. Once this ability is used, the creature no longer benefits from any of the insights granted by a room of dream vision.

Only one creature may benefit from its abilities at a time, and if multiple creatures try to sleep in the same room its abilities are not activated. Creatures who have already benefited from a room of dream vision cannot do so again for a period of one year. Creatures who do not sleep or dream gain no benefit from a room of dream vision.

Strong Divination; CL 20th


Ladiana (Temple District)

LG female astral deva cleric 12

Senses: Perception +24 darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision

Skills: Diplomacy +34, Intimidate +20, Intuition +5, Local +31, Planar +31, Religion +31.

Appearance: Ladiana is a tall, beautiful woman, dressed in white silk. She has long, feathered wings, silver hair, and dark, olive skin.

Initial Attitude: Varies. Ladiana’s starting attitude towards most creatures is indifferent. To creatures who openly worship Lathander, her starting attitude is friendly, and they gain a +10 bonus on all Diplomacy checks to influence her attitude. To creatures who radiate evil, and/or who are obviously of evil descent, her starting attitude is unfriendly, and such creatures take a -10 penalty on all Diplomacy checks when trying to influence her attitude. Helpful: Should the need ever arise, Ladiana allows the PCs to use the temple’s altar of morning glory one time at no cost in order to raise a comrade that has fallen in battle. Hostile: Ladiana’s attitude is rarely, if ever, hostile towards creatures of nonevil alignment. However, to creatures of evil alignment, she is extremely belligerent, refusing to grant them healing, and even going so far as to threaten them with her talisman of pure good if they will not leave the temple grounds.

Background: Ladiana is the high priestess of Haven’s temple of Lathander, home of the legendary altar of morning glory. She is the possessor of a holy artifact, associated with the sun god, known to many as a talisman of pure good.

Like any cleric, Ladiana is more than willing to offer her spellcasting services to adventurers who have been injured, in exchange for donations to the church. In addition, she is also willing to allow those who have fallen in combat to be raised using the altar of morning glory, in exchange for a 5,000 gp donation to the temple.

Altar of Morning Glory: This altar is a 5-foot-by-10-foot slab of black granite, with strange runes carved around the visible lip of the slab. If magically translated (no living creature still speaks the language that the runes are carved in) they read “Spill your life to defend the innocent. His light repays total sacrifice.”

Creatures whose bodies have been placed upon the altar, are immediately restored to life as per the raise dead spell, with the exception that they receive no experience penalty. The altar grants its special ability to only one creature in each 24-hour period. That creature must have fallen in battle, defending the innocent.

Strong Conjuration (Healing); Caster level 20th.

Yoshvayla (Travel District)

CN female xeph soulknife 17

Senses: Perception +4, darkvision 60 ft.

Skills: Psionics +14.

Appearance: Yoshvayla is a gaunt framed woman with dark skin. Her hair is a jet black, tied into a braided topknot with bits of hemp cloth and jeweled hair ties.

Background: Yoshvayla is a colorful xeph captain of her own astral ship, named Artesia. She primarily trades in rare and exotic goods, but she has a passionate love for adventure. Yoshvayla charges 500 gp per person for passage aboard the Artesia. If the PCs do not have the money to pay, Yoshvayla recommends that they go to the Guild District and ask Garkane for a loan.

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