Sidebar: RPG Blog Alliance

By the way, I just have to point out that I joined the RPG Blog Alliance this morning, and as a result of doing so, I went from getting one, maybe two hits per day1, to fifty-freaking-seven! Fifty seven! In seven hours! I even have a new subscriber! (Hi, new subscriber!) So exciting!

1 Most of those were spam bots.

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7 Responses to Sidebar: RPG Blog Alliance

  1. Keith Davies says:

    Nice. I signed up with RPGA and my hit count still hasn’t hit my previous high of… 67 in a day. I’m working on new material, though.

  2. dovearrow says:

    I had another blog, back before 4E came out, and I had no trouble getting readership. I think it was because I could just go to the Wizards of the Coast messageboard, put a link in my signature line, and people would happily click on the link.

    With this blog, it’s been a lot harder. I posted a link on the Paizo boards for the shadow-tattoo artist class, and while I got a lot of hits, nobody was looking at any of my other entries, and in just a short while, I was back down to one or two hits a day.

    I just couldn’t figure out how to get readership, and it was frustrating, because I felt like I had something to say. Seeing how many readers I got today was a real boost, and I’m glad I could finally get in touch with other RPGers, like yourself.

  3. BeefGriller says:

    How long was it from your submission to approval on RPGBA? I submitted my site just 10 minutes ago. No, I’m not expecting a 10 or 15 minute approval, but I’m curious about the time involved.

    • dovearrow says:

      I think it was about twenty minutes or so. Maybe an hour tops. All I know is that I saw my posts on the feed before I left for work.

  4. dovearrow says:

    Final tally: 90 views. 🙂

  5. That new subscriber is me. Glad that the RPGBA is working out for you, it has been directing a small but steady stream of hits my way too.

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