New Magical Location: Library of Supreme Knowledge

Library of Supreme Knowledge

This magical library is filled with books and tomes on virtually every subject, and can actively aid any who peruse its shelves for the purpose of research and study.

Description: The Library of Supreme Knowledge is an enormous structure, several stories tall, with spiraling, metal staircases leading from one level to the next. The many rows of shelves are illuminated with everburning torches, and on every level of the library, are comfortable chairs, and wooden tables, inviting visitors to sit and read for a while. Every level of the library is quiet, as if some magical force were muffling all sound to provide a friendlier environment for reading.

On the lowest level of the library are long, wooden tables, with trays of paper, bottles of ink, and everburning lamps set out at frequent intervals. On the surface of the table, are various tomes and scrolls stacked neatly in piles, as if placed there for someone’s perusal.

Location Activation: A person need only peruse the library’s shelves in order to activate its primary power. PCs who are using the library to research spells must spend 8 uninterrupted hours in the library in order to absorb the knowledge that is contained here. If this perusal is interrupted, the spellcaster can begin again.

Recharge: There is no recharge time for the library’s primary, special ability. However, if the library has been used to research spells, it cannot confer this ability on anyone else for a period of 30 days. Spellcasters can use the library to research spells no more than once a year.

Special Ability (Ex): A person using the library can conduct research on any subject, and the library will actively select books from its shelves that will benefit the reader in her research. These books are placed on the wooden tables in the lower levels of the library, per the unseen servant spell. Using the library for its primary purpose of general research is the equivalent of casting the spell legend lore.

In addition to this special ability, the library can be used to research spells, allowing the researcher to write one new spell of any level they can cast into their spellbook. Spellcasters who have already used the library to research spells cannot benefit from this ability more than once a year.

Aura/Caster Level: Strong Divination. CL 20th.

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