Throwing and Catching

Borin sprinted from the temple, the idol clutched tightly to his chest. As he ran, he could hear the angry hisses of the serpent folk behind him, as well as the whistling of their spears and arrows as they sailed past him. Ducking, and bounding through the underbrush, he could see his half-orc friend, Gror, waiting for him beneath the trunk of a large tree.

“Gror!” Borin cried out. “We’ve got company!”

Gror watched as Borin leaped through the jungle, his dwarven armor clattering around him like a pair of pots and pans, alerting the other serpent folk, who scrambled from their jungle huts.

“Borin!” Gror cried out, pointing to the serpent folk who were now attempting to surround his friend. Borin turned to look, and as he did so, stumbled over a root.

“Catch!” Borin shouted. The idol sailed through the air, turning end over end as it passed over the heads of the serpent folk. Without even hesitating, Gror ran towards the idol, his arms outstretched, hoping to reach the sacred relic before it shattered on the ground.

Throwing and Catching
Whether it’s throwing a weapon to a defenseless ally, or trying to prevent an object from falling into the hands of an enemy, occasionally, characters may find themselves in the position of needing to toss an object to another character. In such cases, use the following rules.

Throwing an Object
Throwing an object is much like throwing a weapon. However, instead of targeting a creature, you target a specific grid intersection. Treat this as a ranged attack against AC 5. Throwing an object requires no weapon proficiency, so you don’t take the -4 nonproficiency penalty.

If you miss the targeted intersection, roll 1d8. This determines the misdirection of the throw, with 1 being straight back at you and 2 through 8 counting clockwise around the grid intersection. Then, count a number of squares in the indicated direction equal to the range increment of the throw.

A thrown object remains aloft for 1 round before landing. During that time, characters can attempt to position themselves so that they might catch the thrown object. Since a thrown object is typically thrown so that another creature might receive it (see “Catching an Object“), a thrown object typically deals no damage, although a particularly large, thrown object might (see Falling Objects).

Catching an Object
You can use the Agility skill to catch a thrown object before it hits the ground. Failure means that you fail to catch the object.

This skill cannot be used to catch or deflect a projectile weapon, such as an arrow, or light weapon.

In order to catch an object, you must be adjacent to the thrown object’s targeted intersection before it hits the ground. The base DC of the check is always 10, modified by the following conditions.

Condition Penalty
Per 5 ft. of distance moved towards targeted intersection +1
Per opponent within 5 ft. +2
Thrown object has concealment +2
Thrown object is off target +5
Thrown object is slightly slippery +2
Thrown object is severely slippery +5

Running Catch: You try to catch a thrown object while running. By accepting a -10 penalty on your Agility checks, including any opposed checks to avoid interception, you can attempt to catch a thrown object while moving through one of the squares adjacent to its targeted intersection. This use of the skill is considered a free action.

Interception: You can also use the Agility skill to intercept a thrown object meant for another creature. To intercept, you must first succeed at trying to catch the incoming object. If you succeed at this check, you can then make an Agility check opposed by the receiver’s. If your check exceeds your opponent’s Agility check, you knock the incoming object to the ground. If you exceed your opponent’s Agility check by 5 or more, you intercept the object.

Action: Varies. Catching a thrown object is normally considered a move action. Catching an object while running is considered a free action.

Try Again: No.

Special: If you have the Deflect Arrows feat, you get a +2 circumstance bonus on all Agility checks to intercept a thrown object.

If you have the Snatch Arrows feat, you get a +2 competence bonus on all Agility checks to catch a thrown object.

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